This isn’t like Me.

How can a person go from so innocent to what I’ve become?

A year or so ago, the thought of sex grossed me out. I found drugs revolting, smoking even worse. I was anti-drinking and had bad social anxiety. 

Then 2016 comes and bam you’re a slag. I was meeting a new lad every week. Sometimes I met multiple lads in a day. In the space of a week, I fucked a lad (completely al-fresco), sucked another off, tossed off another, snogged a girl and also a guy. Only two of these events were drunken and unfortunately it’s the last two.

What happened? How can a person change so dramaticaly? If you are already judging me, then trust me-too it gets worse.

For the pure purpose of hiding identities, throughout this blog I shall give fake names.

It got to the point that after spending one day with a genuine nice lad, I fucked his best mate dry, the next day I had a free house- my ex who previously cheated arrived and we were at it for 4 hours. 2 days later I was in my ex’s best mate’s living room tossing him off with a 10 year old close by.

Disgusting. I know.

I’ve been in a relationship for 3 months with some one who quite literally saved me – yay let’s drag out the cliches. Now I very much live by ‘treat her like a princess, fuck her like a slut’. People who aren’t in relationships are missing out big-time.