Thank You

โ€‹Thank you for putting up with my shit jokes and the way I look in the mornings (especially after a night out).

Thank you for not only putting up with my emotional state, but cheering me up and helping me through it. 

Thank you for being my best friend. Being the person I can goof around with and the person I am dying to tell everything to. 

Thank you for sliding into my life at the right but most unexpected time. You turned my own world upside down and so much brighter. 

Thank you for making me feel comfortable with myself and the person I’ve become. 

Thank you for being so beautiful, genuine and just always knowing what to say and do at the right time. 

Thank you for all the memories we’ve made, that when I think about them, I instantly smile. 

Thank you for being the person I want to spend my future with, and who makes me excited for that future.

Thank you for being the person that I have fallen in love with.