About Me

Why do I run this blog?

Well, 2016 has been more than an emotional rollercoaster, but perhaps a rollercoaster that crashed and died, but still somehow carries on. Weird explanation? I know. Stay up-to-date with my blog and you will find out why.

So what inspired me?

I have always found that it’s better to tell someone your problems then keep them to yourself. This blog acts as my diary for these events and hopefully this will help me forget? I don’t really know.

So how does this blog benefit you- the reader?

It can be interpreted in different ways. You may read the first line of my post and think I am a disgrace and move on. You may learn lessons from the experiences I share. You may empathise with me. Or you could just simply be interested. As I have said, this blog’s purpose is to help my ‘journey to recovery’ … or whatever bullocks you want to call it.