What’s so special about me?

There was knocking at my door, much to my surprise it was Mark. I had told a load of people in my drunken state that he had cheated and was a dick, evidently getting back round to him. 

We sat down for a cigarette and he was so hesitant and quiet. I didn’t know what to say as I was mixed with emotions. I had felt like I lost my best friend and he just showed up but it was clear something had happened. 

He looked up and told me he was in a fight today. A fight over me. Dominic (a guy who delt to Mark) said he was in love with me and kissed me; which when that happened I pulled away instantly and left due to Mark. 

But this day, Dom and Mark had knives at each other… Over me. 

There is nothing special about me, and the way I treated them both was awful-ti this day I don’t understand why it happened. Steven, the 26 year old, the ‘main guy’ whose flat we stayed in 6ft+ and a size you would not want to mess with, -he stopped the fight and said the words “I will just shag her myself”. 

After I was told about this, we went to Steven’s and walking into the living room, everyone turned and looked at me. 

Now in this house, it’s owned by Steven and Tina (33 years old) they’re engaged. And other than Tina, I am the only girl, there were about 15 lads that went to this house with me and they all happened to be there this day of  the fight. 

The moment we saw Dom, Mark held my thigh and Dom left the flat. 


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