4:20 Was the Best Time of Day

Well not specifically 4:20, but I felt it a clever title. I’m not going to explain why it’s 4.20 is weed time , but we’ll just roll with it (pun not intended). 

In retrospective weed is a ‘safer’drug-its legal in some countries, helps health issues and despite how invalid this argument may seem, compared to alcohol , weed’s effects are less dangerous and damaging. 

My first ever joint was the biggest disappointment, I could barely feel an affect, I just wanted food when I was home. However, over time this became a daily affair, into a weekly affai, to the point I went 5 weeks and 4 days having atleast one spliff every day. Not a highlight of my life, however this lead to worse. 

At the time , me and (let’s just say the  guy I was shagging)  had to scavenger across my village for an extra £2 for a gram- upon reflection, I just wanted to make this guy happy. He had cheated on me already and then we just became whatever we did, and he kept giving me hope. 

Weed being illigeal means that you are more exposed to other drugs-this is why it’s a ‘gate-way’… Resulting in further use. Something in a future blog post. 


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